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Stellar's Third Time is the Charm CGC

                     Spader Vintage Vaquero x Spader Twist of Faith

About Rascal 

Rascal came to us in early 2019 from Stellar Cattle Dogs.  We are excited to introduce new blood and farm help to PCF.  He has the pedigree to back his work and his pups - Spader, Kuawarri, and Shadybrook.  He is our go-to guy here.  Very biddable but very tough.  He handles his stock with ease.  We love having his help when it comes to working goats.  He is the best non paid employee we have.  In 2016 Rascal completed training to become certified as a therapy dog. Can't say enough good about this boy. 

Health Information

DOB: 2/18/14

Height:  20 inches

Weight:  54 pounds

BAER Normal

PRCD Clear

PLL Clear

PennHIP .45/.45 (60th percentile)

Rascal pedigree

Video is compliments of Sarah Williams

(Stellar Cattle Dogs)

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