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PCF Drop the Rein and Whistle

(Biggins Red Bosky x PCF Blue Patch Meeko)

   About Rein  

Rein is that "one of a kind" cattle dog. She attempts to keep everyone in line by kindly nipping her canine friends on a routine basis. She will work any animal you put her on from ducks to goats to pigs to cows. She is fearless but has a soft heart.  She is a granddaughter of our late Buzzie. Buzzie came to us as an adult.  She was very quirky and quickly stole our hearts. We are excited to carry on this pedigree.



Weight: 47 pounds

BAER - normal

PRCD - carrier

   PLL - clear

PennHip - 0.36/0.34 (90th percentile)

Rein's Health Information

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