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The Palette at Painted Canvas Farm

Your Homestead Experience

From city slicker to seasoned homesteader, we have something for you. Our goal is to teach you what you want to learn or just let you come enjoy the world we live in. You can milk the cow and gather eggs or just request that the fridge be full and waiting on you. 

Tired of the rat race?  Dreaming of sitting by the pond, laying out under the stars? Listening to birds and wildlife instead of traffic and horns.

What about that bucket list?  Ever dreamed of milking a cow and immediately turning that fresh milk into homemade ice cream or taking that gallon of fresh milk and making cheese.  Gathering grapes to make your own wine to enjoy with that cheese. What about gathering fresh chicken eggs from the nest and pastured raise pork recently processed locally and cooking them in cast iron over a fire pit. Want to learn how to grow and can your own food?  What about eating healthier while maintaining goodness?  Foraging for your own food, fermenting vegetables, What about picking blackberries, making jam and homemade bread and then smearing that bread with homemade blackberry jam.

We are developing a schedule of classes and/or weekend get a ways.

Upcoming classes include 

  • How to make and maintain a sourdough starter

  • How to plant, gather and use herbs for culinary and medicinal use

  • How to milk a cow 

  • How to make cheese, yogurt, butter, sour cream and more

  • How to make soap

  • How to render lard

  • How to grow, preserve and use medicinal flowers

  • How to grow and process meat birds

  • How to make your own wine

  • How to make cordials and syrups

  • How to make and use kombucha

  • Fermentation of vegetables

  • How to can your own food

  • How to forage for your own meals

  • Weaving, leatherwork, blacksmithing and more.


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